Editor's letter (March 12 issue)

SEVERAL months ago when we toyed with the idea of having some Cage & Aviary Birds T-shirts printed little did we know how popular they would become.
If you read our post last week, you will already know that these little canary-yellow numbers have become a highly sought after fashion item here at the Blue Fin Building, so much so we’ve had to put them under lock and key to ensure they don’t go walkabout.
Thanks to a chap from the lads magazine Nuts wearing one around IPC (it was given to him if he promised to wear it on the Nuts TV channel), we’ve had numerous calls from other reporters – all young men – from other magazines, including NME and Web User, asking how they can get their grubby little mitts on one.
When the web editor from Nuts called me last week offering to give me a pair of red Nuts hotpants in exchange for one of our tees I had to laugh. “You do know the birds in the title refers to the feathered variety,” I said.
Apparently, the irony is part of the attraction, he told me. “From a distance all you see is the word BIRDS, but then you get closer and realise the person wearing it isn’t a sexist pig after all,” he said. “And then you realise it’s just a great looking tee with a really cool magazine masthead.”
But it’s not just young magazine reporters who are desperate to get hold of our tee-shirts. At last weekend’s Spring Show at Stafford they were real a drawcard on the Cage & Aviary Birds stand. We gave away free tees to everyone who took up a subscription on the day and, according to our marketing executive Emma Fearnley, they were a great hit. She sold a record number of subscriptions! Why didn’t we think of this sooner!
Oh, and if you were wondering, I said no to the hotpants – I might be Australian, but I’m no Kylie Minogue!