How to comment on the Cage & Aviary Birds blog -- a beginner's guide

One of the ideas behind this blog was to develop a conversation with our readers. But to do that we need to hear from you!
For people who may not know how to comment on this blog, here's how you do it, step by step.
1. Simply  look for the word "comments" under each post and click on it. (See inside the circle below.)
2. A new window will pop up that will look something like this: 3. Type your comment into the white box, then choose an identity. If you have a Google mail account or your own Blogger blog select Google/Blogger; if you have your own blog hosted by other services select OpenID; if you'd just like to leave your name select Name/URL; or if you'd like to be anonymous select Anonymous.
4. Press "publish your comment". (You can "preview" it first to double-check what you've written before it is published.)
That's it! You've now left a comment on our blog. Easy, isn't it? We look forward to hearing from you.