Something for the weekend

As you'll no doubt know, the Stafford Spring Bird Show is on this weekend.
Bingley Hall is set to be heaving with birdkeepers and their families on Sunday when the doors open at 10am. There'll be plenty to see, with 500-plus breeders' tables and a wide choice of captive-bred birds for sale.
Cage & Aviary Birds will be there too, so do come and visit our stand.
If you take out a subscription on the day, you'll even score yourself a free t-shirt (pictured). 
These tees have become hugely popular and much sought-after here at IPC, so much so we've had to keep them under lock-and-key. We don't want all the reporters on NME, Nuts, Web User and the like to make off with them, do we? But maybe the "publicity" might attract a younger set to the hobby... although I do wonder if they realise the word "birds" refers to the feathered variety?