Runners in a jam over bird show

I'm still recovering from the weekend. I ran the Milton Keynes Half Marathon on Sunday and I don't think my poor little legs have fogiven me yet. When I told one of my friends that I had ran the half marathon and that I'd been robbed she said: "Oh, that's terrible. So you came second then?" Well, no I didn't come second. I was about the 1,400th person to cross the finish line and I actually was robbed. My wallet, camera and phone were pinched while I was busy working up a sweat. What has this got to do with birds? Well, not much. But there was another half marathon that took place on the same day up in Stafford, and I spoke to some of the runners who had an awful lot of bother even getting to their race. Many of them spent what seemed like an eternity in traffic jams, waiting to get into the carpark near the race's start line. One hour later, they realised they had been queing up to get into the Stafford Spring Bird Show! There were 3,000 runers in the Milton Keynes Half Marathon, by the way, so 1,400th isn't quite as bad as it sounds!