Serial letter writer becomes a published author!

Regular readers of Cage & Aviary Birds' letters page will be familiar with the name Patricia A. Greenburgh.
Ms Greenburgh pens us regular letters about all manner of bird-related topics, all tapped out on a what appears to be a manual typewriter. She is so prolific we cannot hope to publish all her letters due to space restrictions, but they are welcome nonetheless.
We were delighted when Ms Greenburg informed us earlier in the year that she was having her first novel published. Miraculous and the Silver Man is about a Roman warrior who is cursed by his cowardly enemy and forced to roam the streets of Bath as a ghost. Here he meets the young David -- known as the silver man -- who helps him turn his fortune around.
The book (ISBN 978-1-84748-459-8) is priced £5.99 and is available through WH Smith and Amazon.co.uk here in the UK, and Barnes & Noble in the USA.
We wish Ms Greenburgh much success with her book, but hope it doesn't stop her from continuing to write to us on a regular basis!