In this week's issue (June 4)

We take a look at a foreign songbird rarely seen in British aviaries: the Taiwan yuhinas.
Richard Lumley and John Hartin battle it out in our Hot Debate, which asks "are continental exhibits really that good?"
Jim Theaker sings the praises of the British magpie, which is often given a bad press.
Pauline James offers some possible causes and cures of feather-plucking in lovebirds.
Kate Gammond warns that the breeding season can bring a drastic change of mood to your parrots.
Peter White introduces the Manila parrotfinch, an enigma in the wild and a rarity in aviculture.
Brian Keenan takes a hard look at the future of the Yorkshire canary fancy in the UK.
Lee Marshall offers some advice on broadening your budgerigars' diet.
Plus, don't miss our Open Shows calendar for June 2009 to January 2010, a must-have to plan your exhibition year.