Editor's letter (March 19 issue)

Last year I attended an editors’ conference that had a strong focus on digital media. A panel of “bloggers” (short for web-loggers) spoke about how they were using the internet to reach a wider audience and one of them mentioned the micro-blogging site Twitter.
“I’d love to see Twitter being used on Cage & Aviary Birds,” he said, somewhat tongue-in-cheek.
There were lots of titters from the audience, but I didn’t much appreciate the joke – mainly because we had no website at that stage, so what hope had we of joining Twitter?
Fast forward five months and, while we still don’t have a dedicated website, we do at least have a blog – and that means we can start using the technology a bit better.
If you keep up with us online, you will already know that we signed up to Twitter last week and have been “tweeting” ever since. Twitter’s idea is to limit text-based posts to 140 characters or less, so it’s short and snappy and very easy to follow.  
Most of our “tweets” direct you to interesting bird-related items we’ve found on the internet, but we also share insights into office life and what it’s like putting a busy newspaper to press every week. We also have the ability to enter into real-time conversations with like-minded readers from around the world.
I’m amazed at the number of people tweeting on Twitter who keep birds (mainly Americans, it has to be said) or at least have an interest in them – a whole new audience we can embrace.
Interested? You can “follow” us on Twitter here
Finally, you may notice that this week’s issue is devoted entirely to breeding – as will be next week’s. We hope you enjoy reading all the articles, and wish you all the best for a fruitful season ahead!