Editor's letter (July 9 issue)

Hands up if you love fundraising! Hmm... thought so. And yet raising money is a key part of keeping bird clubs afloat – and never more so in these tough economic times. 
You can always raise your annual subscription to ensure your club stays out of the red, but it’s not always a popular move, which is why you need to find new, imaginative and fun ways to boost the coffers.
Clwyd Budgerigar Society is one club that has done just that. If you’ve read our news story on page 3 of this week's issue, then you will already know that it recently raised a welcome £500 through two key sponsored events. Andrew Parsons had all his hair shaved off while Fran Smith agreed to stay silent and not smoke for 30 minutes.
Last week we also reported on Wirral Birdkeepers’ unique fundraiser (“Wanted: 130kg of birdseed”, July 2) in which it plans to smash the record for building the world’s largest bird-feeder in August.
These kinds of initiatives are prime examples of thinking “outside of the box” to not only generate much-needed funds but garner some much-needed publicity too. Local newspapers and radio stations love covering these kinds of events (as do we at Cage & Aviary Birds), so it’s a great way of getting your club mentioned in the press. Such mentions can help to win the public over to your cause, as well as spreading the birdkeeping message and, who knows, you may attract a few new members to your club, too.
So, if you’re looking to raise club funds, think about doing something a bit different such as a sponsored event or breaking a world record. And, as ever, let us know about it so we can publicise your endeavour in our pages.