Editor's letter (June 11 issue)

Welcome to this week’s vermin-themed issue, which we hope will provide every birdkeeper with some useful tips and advice for keeping those unwanted furry creatures, whether rat, cat or fox, away from your precious birds.
We know how heart-breaking it can be to spend so much money and devote so much time and effort to breeding and nurturing your stock only to find they’ve been decimated overnight by intruders of the four-legged kind. (Unfortunately, if it’s the two-legged kind you should probably call the police.)
Long-time contributor Bill Naylor offers some great tips for vermin control in our Birdkeeping Know-How section (see page 10 of this week's issue), including how to make sure your birds are protected from those predators that don’t immediately jump to mind, such as weasels, mink and blood-feeding ticks.
We’ve also rounded up eight products on our Marketplace page that will help keep the rats and cats at bay. 
And it that’s not enough, the DIY pest-control supplies company PPC Supplies has also very kindly agreed to give away five of its best-selling non-toxic rat killing kits to five lucky readers. Each kit is worth £34.99 and comes with everything you need to get rid of rodents in the birdroom or aviary. To enter, simply fill out the coupon on page 5 of this week's issue and send it to us by the June 30 closing date.
On that note, we hope everyone’s having an enjoyable, successful and vermin-free breeding season! And if you’ve got any great tips on how to get rid of rats and other foes, why not share them with us all? We’d love to hear them.