Taxidermy pigeon lights

A chandelier made from 20 stuffed pigeons. Image courtesy of Treehugger.
We all know pigeons, of the feral variety, get a bad press, with many regarding them as no more than "rats with wings".  But even if you think the only good pigeon is a dead one, would you consider having them stuffed and turned into lighting fixtures to hang from your ceiling?
Me neither.
I first discovered this bizarre, and somewhat morbid, concept in a recent issue of the Sunday Times Style magazine. Apparently the taxidermy lights are the brainchild of the designer Alex Randall of Jericho Hands (who undertakes commissions just in case you were thinking of turning your award-winning exhibition budgerigar into something similar).
Kenya Cretegny, who has a set of taxidermy pigeon lights hanging in her boutique on Marylebone High Street, describes them as "something that's really edgy but also beautiful and soft". 
I love birds, but I think this is pushing things just a little too far, don't you?
You can see more images of other "taxidermy lights", including a duck and a squirrel, on the Treehugger website. Be prepared to be awe-struck.