One flu over the turkey's nest

So bird flu has struck again at poultry farms in England. DEFRA today confirmed that the flu strain found on the two Bernard Matthew's turkey farms in East Anglia is H6N1, which means it will hopefully be dealt with reasonably easily. All avian influenza viruses from H1 to H16 can exist in the low pathogenic form but to date only the H5 and H7 sub types have been associated with high pathogenicity. And DEFRA was quick to point out that there is no evidence that avian influenza of the H6 is highly pathogenic. But better safe than sorry. Further laboratory tests are underway to discover just how lethal the strain is.

Animal Health began the investigation late on the evening February 24, but we're still waiting on test results to give us all a bit more peace of mind. Restrictions remain in place on the farms while the investigation continues.