Birdkeepers unite to support young Rachael

The deadline for entries into our competition to win an amazing painting of robins closes at the end of today. The painting was donated by wildlife artist and Cage & Aviary Birds reader, T.P. Richardson, in the hope that we could help raise funds to help a young birdkeeper in real need. Rachael Wakefield, 20, of Dukenfield, Greater Manchester, caught a rare lung disease - often referred to as Bird Fancier's Lung - from her pet cockatiel when she was just 15. Her condition has deteriorated so much that her only hope of survival is to travel to a specialist clinic in the USA to have a double lung transplant. In order to do this, however, she must raise £400,000. As we roported in today's issue of the magazine, bird-food producer Haith's has now offered its support to Rachael's cause. The company has e-mailed Cage & Aviary Birds articles to all of its customers, which tell of her predicament, educate bird lovers about the disease and explain how the chances of contracting it can be greatly reduced. Owner David Haith said: "As a fellow bird lover, I felt that both Haith's and our customers could help." If you would like to help too, there is still time to enter our competition to win Mr Richardson's painting (our pictures in the magazine of the painting really don't do it justice. It's stunning! And many of his paintings sell for up to £2,000.) To enter, simply call 0904 160 0140. Follow the instructions to give your answer to the question: In which year was Cage & Aviary Birds established? Or text BIRDS, followed by a space and your answer, then your name, house number and postcode to 86611. Example : BIRDS 1990 Chloe 16 NN32 6PX. BT calls cost £1.50 per call. Cost from other networks may be higher. Texts cost £1.50 per text plus network charges. Service provider: Eckoh, Herts HP3 9HN. A total of £1.23 from each call and 91p from each text will go to Rachael's charity, Breathing Is Life. If you would like to help but would prefer to donate directly to the charity, please visit Rachael's website.